This site is dedicated to selling various items at 1552 Hanshaw Rd. These items range from large coolers and freezers to smaller things like clipboards and CDs. These items were used at Ludgate Farm and Market while it was in operation. Please browse the items listed, look at pictures, and email me at forsale@ludgatefarms.com with any questions you may have.

Only cash accepted, all sales are final, and all items are sold as-is. All items must be transported by the buyer.

Many oak counters/bars in two sizes: 8ft and 5ft 3in. Some have cabinet space underneath and other have open shelving space. $100 for the longer ones and $80 for the shorter ones.

Two kinds of gourmet charcoal: Briquettes and Malis. $7 per bag, 6 bags in total.

This system, using Point of Sale software, comprises three computers (each with its own mouse, keyboard, and monitor, two of which are touchscreen), two cash registers, two Honeywell handheld bar code scanners, two Ingenico dial pads, and various other equipment for retail use. $5000.

For info about POS, please see http://posnation.com/. This software is meant for use in retail.

One of the three computers has a broken back-up disk. It’s primary disk functions well.

4 8′ helix flower racks. Great for nurseries and other businesses that sell flowers. $100.

An essential tool in the cheese making process. $20 each.Image

Various types of shelves for various prices. I’ve included photos of some, but not all shelves available. Arrange a time with me to come by, look at them, and make an offer.

A new air conditioner!

New, hardly used portable air conditioner. $220.

This air conditioner, made by Frigidaire, comes equipped with a remote control and lengthy power cord. It has multiple fan speed settings, as well as a timer, sleep mode, and other features. There are handles on each side, as well as wheels on the bottom for easy movement.

A 3 piece file cabinet desk in good condition. $100.

The top of the desk measures 4.5′ by 2.5′, and the desk itself is 2.5′ tall. There is a drawer in the middle and four filing drawers (two on each side). Comes with many file folders.

Two 2-drawer filing cabinets, both working, but one with poor exterior. $50 and $10.

Three functioning ER650 cash registers with drawers. $125 each.


  • Adjustable multi-line operator screen.
  • Fast, quiet and dependable thermal printer.
  • Flat keyboard with 98 programmable keys.
  • RS-232C ports available fro POS options.
  • Electronic journal.
  • Inter-register communications available for store wide report consolidation and programming.
  • 63 standard / 80 maximum keyboard price look-up keys ensure accurate item registration.
  • Up to approximately 10,000+ PLUs for large item or UPC files.
  • Hard or soft check tracking system.
  • Currency conversion for border areas.
  • Food stamp sorting and tendering.
  • Heavy duty 5 bill/5 coin metal cash drawer.